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Welcome to Brigid's Hearth and the webpage of Margie McArthur. This page is dedicated to Brigid, Hearthfire Goddess of my Irish ancestors, and at whose Hearth, I lovingly serve.

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Blessed Brigid, Flame of Delight in the many worlds,
May the fires of your Sacred Hearth be rekindled.
May they burn brightly, their flames bridging the many worlds,
Bringing the starpower of the Heavens down to enliven
The stars that live deep within the heart of Mother Earth.

Grant us the gift of your brightness and warmth:
The fire that is inspiration.
Let us draw sustenance from your Well of Deep Peace,
That nourishes all of Life.

Enfold us in your mantle of protection and healing.
Guide us as we heal, and in our creative endeavors.
Grant us the inspiration that enables
The creation of True Beauty and Harmony.

Blessed One, Fair One,
This do we ask of you,
As we offer you the Inextinguishable Light
Of our love and homage.

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 Long ago in Ireland, Brigid's Fire burned within the shrine of her Sacred Enclosure, tended by nineteen priestesses. As times changed, as religions changed, the priestesses of the old religion were replaced by the priestesses of the new - and it was a group of Catholic nuns who tended the Sacred Fire of St. Brigid at Kildare - Cill Dara, the Church of the Oak - till it was extinguished during the Reformation.

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of the Hearthfire of Life. Her fires burns in the vast deeps of space - the fire of stars and galaxies. Her fires burn deep in the Fiery Heart/Hearth of our Mother Planet. They burn as the fiery heart of our solar system - the Sun. And they burn deep within us - as the nucleic fires of our cells, and as the fire of our life force.

Let us rekindle the Sacred Flame from the smothered embers. Let us take up again the tending of the Sacred Fires of Life. For our ancestors, for our children, and for ourselves.

Margie McArthur, 1993-2014

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