wisdom.jpg (16943 bytes)      WISDOM OF THE ELEMENTS:


A Review by
Ed Fitch,
Author of Magical Rites From the Crystal Well, A Grimoire of Shadows, Rites of Odin.


Margie McArthur is a longtime Witch who has a deep and abiding interest not just in spell-casting, but in going far beyond in seeking out the deepest mysteries beyond life and death. She also has her feet solidly on the ground as the mother of a large family - maturity and balance are second nature to this remarkable lady.

"Wisdom of the Elements" is a book which is scholarly, and yet easily understood. The author leads the reader towards profound Meanings which are only hinted elsewhere, weaving a spell of fascination that compels one to go further and deeper with one’s own researches and studies.

This book features a very in-depth examination of the magical elements and the elemental tools of magic that every pagan would do well to study ... and to consider. It is a superb self-contained course in earth-magic and the deeper Mysteries for the Witch and the Pagan. It opens the doors of the mind into a fascinating and deeply rewarding array of intellectual and spiritual adventures that will continue for years.

Much research, reading, thought and study have obviously gone into this excellent volume. I particularly found her concept of "lightningflash realization" to be particularly valuable in meditation and in the way that sudden illuminations of the soul will actually happen.

Ms. McArthur speaks eloquently of our relationship to the Earth, and our responsibilities to it. If you study, meditate, and practice what is in this book, it will lead you to a deeper understanding of our world. Quite probably, after going through the material included here you will never be the same again.

The book has very valuable "how-to" sections that draw the reader/ritualist into the author’s subject matter, and want to "learn by doing it yourself". There is a wealth of guided meditations and rituals that are presented,with many others that are outlined, inviting the reader to work out the remaining details by oneself. The guided meditations, or inner-plane journeys, are refreshing narrations which are both profound and beautiful. Reading them, or especially performing them as the author recommends, brings one a feeling and an understanding of the deepest metaphysical Truths.

There is much here for the beginner, to set one’s feet on the most fascinating and rewarding of Paths. There is even more for the experienced and devoted Witch.

I have learned much from "Wisdom of the Elements," and as I keep on studying and using it, I expect that I will continue learning from Margie’s superb writings. Her book now occupies a prominent place on my bookshelf, and will continue to do so in the future.

I recommend this book very highly.