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Endorsements for
WiccaCraft for Families


For anyone with children it's perfect - full of ideas for celebrating together with children, including games, recipes, music, ideas for including pets and much more.
- Phillip Carr Gomm, Chosen Chief, Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids; author - Elements of the Druid Tradition; The Druid Way

The author has written a master compilation of ancient Pagan material, filled it out and updated the lore, and filled it all with the warmth and loving closeness that is so important in the rearing of a family during this difficult era...In and among the levity and lightness of family celebrations... she has included some profound metaphysical concepts and some very good basics on magic. As with many books ostensibly intended for use with children, there is much here that is of considerable value for adults as well.
- Ed Fitch, author - Magical Rites from the Crystal Well; Rites of Odin; A Grimoire of Shadows

...I like the friendly, supportive tone that reminds me I'm not alone in this pagan parenting biz, and the emphasis that children have a great deal to contribute that doesn't lapse into pushing our choices on them.
- Elsa Die Lowin, Razing the Stakes: Newsletter of the Index

....I think without a doubt, that this is the finest book on the subject so far in print. I wish I'd had it in in my bookcase twenty-five years ago, but I guess I'll just have to settle for being pleased that it will benefit my grandson....This wonderful little volume will help you establish truly individual family traditions that will take on deeper and deeper meaning as the years go by.
- JoAnn Aelfwine, Pagan Alliance Network Newsletter

Wonderfully done! I have seen no other book that compares with the amount of information pertaining to families as this book does. WiccaCraft for Families is a must for every family seeking to live the Wiccan life together as children of the Lord and Lady. I highly recommend it.
- Endora, Witches and Witchlings Magazine


This is a warm and lovely book! Margie McArthur provides a wonderful resource tool for Pagan parents.....WiccaCraft for Families is an important addition to the Pagan family library.
- Maerian Morris, Green Egg Magazine


Ms. McArthur has raised her four children with her Pagan belief system and put her experiences to print....She does an excellent job of aiming her information towards children. She supplies us adults with many examples and ideas which will appeal to our little ones....
- Hazel Grove Musings


"WiccaCraft for Families" is an excellent addition to any pagan parent's library. Though it covers a lot of ground found in other family tradition books, it also has some wonderful additions. At the end of each chapter describing festival rituals, Ms. McArthur includes tunes and lyrics for appropriate music....Her "Rites of Passage" is also one of the most complete around with chapters on women's mysteries, men's mysteries, youth, handfasting, age, and death. Though the rituals are wiccan in style, pagans of any tradition will find lots of ideas in here for developing family traditions.
- The Accord: Newsletter of the Council of the Magical Arts